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Eet vet word slank

Eet vet word slank gepubliceerd januari 2013

In dit boek lees je o.a.: * heel veel informatie ter bevordering van je gezondheid; * hoe je door de juiste vetten te eten en te drinken kan afvallen; * hoe de overheid en de voedingsindustrie ons, uit financieel belang, verkeerd voorlichten; * dat je van bewerkte vetten ziek kan worden.

Trick and Treat cover

"A great book that shatters so many of the nutritional fantasies and fads of the last twenty years. Read it and prolong your life."
Clarissa Dickson Wright

Natural Health & Weight Loss cover

"NH&WL may be the best non-technical book on diet ever written"
Joel Kauffman, PhD, Professor Emeritus, University of the Sciences, Philadelphia, PA

The quotation for today is:


Barry Groves's


Exposing dietary and medical misinformation because

I have written these works because:

"On the large scale, history shows that an uncritical and misinformed populace is a breeding ground for all manner of intolerant beliefs and practices. The discovery that truth has to fight for its survival is not a pleasant one, but is an essential realisation in maintaining civilisation. And in a society as open and susceptible to fraud as ours is, truth needs all the help it can get." Anthony Garrett.

Before continuing on this website
- or any similar one -
take a few minutes to read this short extract from
Jerome K Jerome's book, Three Men in a Boat.
Its message is well worth considering, and it won't take long.

Soy Online Service resurrected

Soy Online Service Logo went online on 27 April 1999. With no industry connections and not funded by any outside interest groups, its mission was "to uncover the truth about soy and to provide consumers with an alternative opinion to the plethora of criminal and dangerous lies that issue from the soy industry".

Informative, well researched, fully referenced, and reliable, it became the largest repository of anti-soy research and clinical and personal experience in the world.

That is until 2011 when, in April of that year, the couple who owned and ran the website, Valerie and Richard James, were both killed. And, you know, I have not been unable to find any mention of a cause of their death anywhere on the Internet.

There was speculation that BigAgribusiness may have had a part in their demise but, as yet, I can find no evidence to support this.

Anyway, their death need not be the end of their work; and I believe strongly that their research should again be made easily available. To that end - and in memory of Valerie and Richard James - I have published the whole of the SoyOnlineService website here.


14 January 2013
Does Cigarette Smoking Really Cause Heart Disease? This may seem a strange question as, surely, there is no question, is there? Well, yes. Despite what we all 'know', things are not as clear cut after all.

14 January 2013
Doctors are the leading cause of death in the USA (500kb pdf file) Yes that's right! This major work by Gary Null and others gives the evidence

2 October 2012
VIDEO: GI Blues: What's Wrong With the Glycaemic Index There are many 'Low-GI' diet books. This video tells of why the Glycemic Index is unreliable and how it is frequently used to mislead.

13 September 2012
VIDEO: Why You Can't Count Calories
People wanting to lose weight are taught that they have to count calories. This 7:35 minute video shows why counting calories is actually an impossible task which gives highly misleading results.


All articles are fully supported by references from peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals.

Low-carb, high-fat meal

Benefits of a Low-Carb, high-fat Diet

Low-calorie 'slimming' diets don't work.
This section discusses the low-carb way of eating and also looks at other aspects of diet such as: the dangers of slimming drugs; the correct diet for pregnancy and bringing up children; and the optimum diet for athletic performance.

5 portions of fruit

Why 'Healthy Eating' Isn't

Have you noticed that, since 'healthy eating' was introduced, we have been getting fatter and sicker? This is a classic case of cause and effect. Here's the evidence!

Cure diabetes with diet, not drugs

Cure Diabetes With Diet

Diabetes: What's the truth? DiabetesUK and the American Diabetic Association say one thing - but the evidence is quite different.
There is a better way to both treat and prevent diabetes.

Cholesterol molecule

Cholesterol, Heart Disease, Statins

If a fatty diet causes heart disease, why has over fifty years of studies failed to confirm it? Look at the evidence to see why.
Plus how a cholesterol level of 5.2 (200 in the USA) became 'healthy'. And STATINS and other cholesterol-lowering drugs.

Field of soy

No Joy With Soy

Soy is widely promoted as 'healthy', particularly in the US. Learn why it isn't!

vegetarian meal


People are turning to vegetarianism because, they believe, it is healthier, or kinder to animals, or the planet. . . The facts are rather different.

Stop cancer

The Cancer Files

President Nixon declared "war on cancer" in 1971. Despite billions spent since, no cancer is curable now that wasn't curable then. Cancer treatments proven to work but aren't used.
Plus the benefits - and harm - of medical screening.

Exercise care

Exercise Care!

Exercise is good for us. But how much is enough? What sort of exercise should we do? And is it possible to overdo exercise? Find out here.

The benefits of sunshine

Sunlight and Vitamin D

The sun powers our life and confers many other benefits - including reducing the risk of cancer. Hereis why you should get out in the midday sun - without sunscreen.

Fluoride - Health or Politics?

Fluoride in drinking water and toothpaste does not prevent tooth decay - it can make it worse. It also has other serious adverse effects. So why is it promoted? Here's the reason.

Miscellaneous health items


These days there seems to be one scare after another. If it isn't BSE in cattle causing CJD in humans, it's pesticides in vegetables causing cancer.
Diverse topics from food additives to bottled water which don't fit neatly into other classes.

Low-carb, high-fat meal

Feeding Pets

No animal in its natural habitat, eating its natural food, gets sick. But our pets do. We feed them our 'healthy' diet - and make them as sick as we are.

Man-made global warming scam

Man-made Global Warming Scam

Is mankind's use of fossil fuels the cause of global warming? Why I don't think so.

Flight archery

Flight Archery

Last but not least, the other thing I'm (was) good at - Flight Archery.
Here are articles about the sport, the equipment, and the technique.

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